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Office de Tourisme Aix les bains, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France


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Aix Beauty and wellness

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The benefits of the hot water springs in Aix-les-Bains were discovered in 5th century.  Today Aix-les-Bains, the third spa resort in France located in Savoy, welcomes some 30,000 people come to take the waters of the spa each year. Visitors who combine pleasure with thermal treatments, balneotherapy, sculpting treatments and wellness.

Thermal spas

The thermal spa treatment practiced in Aix-les-Bains aims to treat ailments and alleviate pain through the spa water. On medical prescription, it usually takes place as a treatment over 18 days, or sometimes less, depending on your availability. Aix-les-Bains has two spa establishments for those wishing to take in the spa waters:

- the Thermes Nationaux, a well-regarded spa treatment for rheumatology with the Chevalley establishment which opened in 2000.

- the Thermes de Marlioz, right in the middle of the 10 ha park, dedicated to ENT ailments, buccal mucous membranes and respiratory tracts.


Stay idea:


The 6-day Mieux Bouger® treatment from the Thermes Nationaux in Aix-les-Bains

This is a fitness and health prevention spa treatment which combines spa treatments with analgesic effects, postural and physical activities and better knowledge of your body, as well as health tips to learn how best to move in respect of your joints.

The 6-day Mieux Bouger® treatment in detail:
- a medical visit to a spa doctor
- 6 days of thermal treatment
- 1 muscle and joint diagnosis
- 2 postural aquagym sessions
- 2 adapted gymnastics sessions

Spa well-being

The Relaxation Area and the Well-being Centre are genuine peaceful havens in the Thermes Chevalley spa centre. Both private and open on the outside, they offer a magnificent view of the surroundings through their large bay windows.

On the garden floor the Relaxation Area invites rest and pleasure. Indoor swimming pool with spa water, outdoor fresh water swimming pool with hammam and sauna, gymnastics relaxation room, solarium and bar. The equipment is available so you can work at your own pace, and multiple devices will contribute to your relaxation: beds and seats with jets, whirlpool baths, pools which goes against the current, multiple and swan neck jets.

Upstairs, the Well-Being Centre offers you a diverse range of care, all from the best of the spa tradition to combine pleasure and health.


Discovery idea:


A day of well-being and treatment at the Thermal spa Chevalley
Treat yourself to an entry to the Relaxation Area to access the whirlpool spa pools, the sauna, hammam and the gymnastics relaxation room and test the treatment duo of "Mud and Sculpting".
Entry to the thermal spa: from €17 during week.
Massage pair (water massage + massage of the back): €45 per person.


4 balneotherapy centres enable you to sample the delights of the water treatments in Aix-les-Bains: hydromassage in a pool, showers, bubbling bath, and application of mud or algae...  A well-being and relaxation stopover.

Discover balneotherapy centres... 


Wellness idea

"Wellness discovery stay" weekend
1 night in a hotel, double bedroom and breakfast,
4 balneotherapy treatments per person
Free access to the sauna, hammam, gym and the centre's pool.
2 to 4 star hotels available
From €131 per person
For more information: Central Reservation - tel. +33.4 79 88 68 05 -

The institutes

Many institutes with spas and beauty centres are dedicated to well-being, relaxation, fitness and sensual pleasure.

On the programme: sculpting, wraps or beauty masks from here and elsewhere: Oriental and Asian treatments, marine cosmetics, ayurvedic sculpting…

Discover institutes...


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